Ann Reily Editor-in-Chief
Ann grew up in Amesbury and has more than 13 years of experience as an editor and reporter. Her hope as editor of Newburyport Magazine is to celebrate the unique qualities of the Newburys, including their storied history, diverse culture and landmarks, and to spotlight the people who are fortunate to live, work and play here. Contact Ann with your thoughts and story ideas for the magazine at

Mac Cerullo
Ever since I was young, I've always been fascinated by whales. They're enormous creatures, yet peaceful and elegant, and they spend their lives traveling all across the globe in every ocean from here to Australia, and everywhere in between. So getting the chance to see them up close on the Newburyport Whale Watch for this season's magazine was an opportunity I couldn't pass up, and getting to see one magnificent humpback breach right off the side of the boat is a sight I'll never forget. Mac Cerullo covers Amesbury for The Daily News, and no, he doesn't get seasick. Be jealous.
Will Courtney
It was in college that I first honed my style of eating ice cream. With each bite from the cup (no cones here), I scrape and chisel in an attempt to make it level; when it is perfectly flat, I can stop and save it for later. But try that with Super Fudge Chunk. What happens when you dislodge a chunk? More scraping, more chiseling, and suddenly I wonder where it all went. Given my weakness for all things ice cream, I had a moment of fear when asked if I’d like to write about Newburyport’s downtown ice cream scene. But in a triumph of self-control, I took on this dangerous mission, and my tour of these amazing ice cream, frozen yogurt and gelato shops proved to be very interesting and only mildly indulgent. Will Courtney is a freelance writer living in Amesbury with his wife, Amy; daughter, Caroline; and chocolate Lab, Cooper.
Bryan Eaton Photo Editor
As a lover of lobster and one who likes to entertain, I enjoyed shooting the Chabot family lobster cookout for the magazine. Nicole takes entertaining to a higher level than my attempts, and I picked up a few tips from the photo shoot. Bryan lives in Salisbury with his wife, Lisa, and four chickens, and has several lobster pots kicking around that will be getting more use, as lobster prices have fallen and local corn isn’t far away from being available. Bryan is the photo chief of The Daily News of Newburyport.
Lynne Hendricks
My mother once told me I would blink my eyes one day and my three kids would be all grown up. I remember being terrified by those words, and right then and there resolved to blink often or, in other words, stop as often as possible to celebrate our time together as a family in a way that left a lasting impression on all of us. Nicole Chabot takes that seize-the-day honoring of celebration to a whole new level of special, inspiring everyone she meets with the creative thought and time she puts into planning family birthday and holiday parties. Her tips might inspire you to do the same. Lynne lives in Newburyport with her husband and three sons.
Dyke Hendrickson
I am not often found on Newburyport streets during the first light of day. But I was intrigued by the idea of writing about those who “seize the day” and spend the first hours of light in useful pursuits such as exercising, dog-walking, boating, fishing or setting up for a traditional farmers market. Those who rise with the sun are friendly but not overbearing, committed but not intense. Spending dawn in the downtown provided a refreshing change of pace, but not one that I am likely to repeat anytime soon. Dyke lives in Newburyport and covers Newburyport City Hall and other aspects of the city for The Daily News.
Dan Guttenplan
My first experience with stand-up paddleboarding came in 2009 when I rented a board and navigated the calm waters of Walden Pond. A former college swimmer at UNH, I had to call upon my rusty skills and spent a decent amount of time in the water. In working on a story about Speedboard USA, I found that my stand-up paddleboarding experience pales in comparison to the speed- and performance-based experience that the Newburyport company is trying to provide to its paddleboard customers. The local business has quickly established itself as one of the top SUP manufacturers in the country, and its racing team has made a strong impression in the 20 months since its inception. I was surprised to find that the masterminds behind this local company are all approaching or are well over the age of 60. Dan has been the sports editor at The Daily News since April 2007. He spends many of his summer weekends with his wife’s family at Seabrook Beach, where he enjoys going for short swims in the frigid ocean, eating the local seafood and finishing off the day with one of the many local ice cream options.




Jill Oestreicher Gross
I first met Newburyport sculptor Jeff Briggs in 2011 when I wrote about his swan fountain at Bartlet Mall for Newburyport Magazine. Back then, his work on the Greenway Carousel in Boston was in its infancy. More than two years later, the carousel creatures have grown up into beautiful works of art sure to bring out the child in all of us. Look for me and my family riding the carousel this fall. My children can’t decide which creature to ride first. We hope to see other Newburyport families there, too! Jill and her family moved to Newburyport in 2005. She was born and raised in New York City and graduated from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism.
Katie Lovett
The longer that I work in this area, the more amazed I am at the wealth of history that fills the communities of Greater Newburyport. It seems that everywhere I look, I find a statue, monument or plaque sharing an interesting story or fact about someone — or something — that shaped the Newburys, this area, the state or the nation. I love exploring these sites and tributes and learning more of these stories. So, I was so thrilled to have the chance to write about one of these treasures that I hadn’t yet had a chance to discover — The Captain’s Well in Amesbury and the impressive Capt. Valentine Bagley and the heartfelt promise he lovingly fulfilled. Katie is the city editor for The Daily News. She lives in Wakefield with her husband, Travis, and their cat, Tang.
Dave Rogers
Having fallen in love with comic books as a teenager, the chance to chat with Tyler James, someone actually creating these wonderful tomes, was quite a thrill. Comics may have changed dramatically since I first picked one up, but their power to transport you to a different realm with the turn of a page remains breathtaking. Dave is the police reporter for The Daily News. When he’s not covering breaking stories or chasing down quotes for feature stories, he enjoys playing bass guitar, listening to records, reading newspapers, watching the Bruins and trying to name all the U.S. presidents during staff meetings.
Jim Vaiknoras
Every fisherman has a story about the one that got away, the biggest fish they ever saw right there at the end of the line escaping at the last second. Most photographers have similar stories, the great play at the plate blocked by an umpire’s head or, in the old days, missed while reloading film. But while out shooting photos for this issue’s whale-watching story, I have the best one yet. I was standing on the pulpit shooting a whale’s tail out the left side of the boat when I heard someone yell, “Breach!” I spun around just in time to see, but not quick enough to photograph, a humpback whale coming out of the water about 75 feet off the right-hand side of the boat. So when you hear someone talk about the one that got away, mine was 50 feet long, weighed 40 tons and was flying. Jim’s photos can be seen at